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A native of Salzburg, Austria and a sought-after drummer on the New York jazz scene since 2010, Brooklyn-based Peter Kronreif unveils an inspired book of original compositions on Aeronautics — his follow-up to 2010’s Gloaming, also featuring his talent-rich group Wayfarers. These close-knit colleagues set out on a memorable journey, carried by strong tailwinds of melody and rhythm, with the paired alto/tenor sax frontline of Andrew Gould and Lucas Pino interweaving complex yet lyrical parts, giving the music shape. Joining Kronreif in the rhythm section are pianist Addison Frei and bassist Martin Nevin. Together the three function almost as a band within a band, interactive and colorful whether immersed in subtle trio passages or united in purpose with the full ensemble.

In calling the album Aeronautics, Kronreif evokes the atmosphere of the title track, which, as he writes in his liner notes, “was developed in various airports, where musicians spend a lot of their time. The rhythmic illusion created by overlapping time feels after the introduction also invokes a feeling of musical lift-off.” That is indeed what Kronreif and Wayfarers achieve, on this piece and throughout Aeronautics. Kronreif’s compositions brim with fresh and unexpected compositional moves, effortless transitions, captivating solos and interplay, and rhythmic ideas as precise as they are elastic in their groove and swing.

Guitar enters the picture on two tracks: Matthias “Pedals” Loescher contributes an almost synth-like textural haze at the outset of “Obeisance” and solos with raw feeling toward the track’s end. Alex Wintz joins the horns as a melodic voice on “Nodoc” and takes prominent place as the leadoff soloist. Even with just one track each, the guitarists exert a strong influence, widening the album’s sonic horizons.

Lurking within Aeronautics is a sociopolitical and environmentalist theme. “Obviously Oblivious” is Kronreif’s musical comment on “the vast number of humans going through life, making decisions and defending positions that are against their own interests.” “Late Premonition,” the intricate miniature, takes inspiration from “the distressed feeling I had from a terrible nightmare about environmental catastrophe.” “Verdura,” the one piece to feature Frei on electric piano, is a plaintive ode “to everything green in this world.” And “Trees” is Kronreif’s homage to “my favorite living beings (excluding some humans). The main theme of this tune always felt old, like it had been around much longer than I have — as have most trees as well.”

Along with his output as a leader and composer, Kronreif has worked with the Le Boeuf Brothers band, vocalist Thana Alexa, the Ricky Rodriguez Quartet, Christos Rafalides’ Manhattan Vibes, Allan Harris and many others, in a range of settings from jazz to hip-hop and R&B. When Wayfarers came together initially, the group featured pianist Florian Hoefner, bassist Linda Oh and saxophonist Mike Rivett along with Andrew Gould and the leader. The Gloaming session from 2010 introduced Nevin on bass and Matt Marantz on tenor, but with the arrival of Frei on piano and Pino on tenor the current Aeronautics lineup took form. The group has been praised by BayernKlassik Online as “truly a discovery,” and Kronreif as “a drummer of great refinement.” Concerto magazine has remarked on Kronreif’s “sensitive compositions, in which he doesn’t push himself to the fore … [and] conveys a certain feeling of serenity.”

RELEASE DATE: February 5th 2021

LABEL: Fresh Sound New Talent







on tour


        03 / 14 / 24             Bar Lunático, Brooklyn, NY


        11 / 24 / 23             Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn, NY    

        “aeronautics” Release Tour Spring 2022 

        4 /  9 / 22                 Jazz im Sägewerk, Bad Hofgastein, Austria

        4 /  8 / 22                 Stockwerk, Graz, Austria 

        4 /  7 / 22                 Jazzit, Salzburg, Austria

        4 /  6 / 22                 STIWA Jazzforum, Hagenberg, Austria

        4 /  4 / 22                 Jazzland, Vienna, Austria

        4 /  3 / 22                 Saxstall, Pohrsdorf, Germany

        4 /  2 / 22                 Jazzstudio Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany

        4 /  1 / 22                 Halle 424, Hamburg, Germany

        3 / 31 / 22                Le Barbizon, Paris, France      

        3 / 30 / 22                Jamboree Jazz, Barcelona, Spain

        3 / 14 / 22                55 Bar, New York City, USA

        2 /   4 / 21                Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, USA

        5 / 29 / 18                Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC

       6 /   5 / 14                Terazza 7, Queens, NYC

        3 / 30 / 12                Sycamore Music, Brooklyn, NYC

        3 / 25 / 12                Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria

        3 / 23 / 12                Culture Cafe Smaragd, Linz, Austria

        3 / 20 / 12                Musikwerkstatt, Wels, Austria

        3 / 19 / 12                Snow Jazz Festival, Gastein, Austria

        3 / 18 / 12                B-Flat Jazz Club, Berlin, Germany

        3 / 16 / 12                Jazzclub Birdland, Hamburg, Germany

        3 / 15 / 12                Jazzclub Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany














Jazz: Seamus Blake, Jaleel Shaw, John Ellis, John Medeski, Donny McCaslin, Le Boeuf Brothers, Remy Leboeuf, Aaron Parks, Randy Brecker, Ricky Rodriguez, Nate Wood, John Ellis, Thana Alexa, Harry Sokal, Florian Hoefner, Martin Reiter, Matthieu Michel, Johannes Enders, Sammy Nestico, Alegre Correa, Bastian Stein, Matt Davis, Peter Herbert, Subtone, Christoph Cech, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Ana Paola DaSilva, Janus Ensemble, ProBrass, Peter O'Mara,...  

HipHop & R'n'B: Ty, TheRealLifeShow, Blak Twang, Ray Angry, MINO a.k.a. Akel Nivo, Malik Work, Nate Jones, Gabe Gordon, Blumentopf, Lylit, SK Invitational, Fiva MC, Lynne Kieran, Iris Camaa, Louie Austen,...

Concerts and Shows in: USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, China, Senegal, Australia…


“Architecture of Storms” / Remy Le Boeuf’s Assembly of Shadows / Soundspore Records 2021

“The Periphery of Knowing” / Jeff Miles / Jeff Miles 2021

“Aeronautics” / Peter Kronreif Wayfarers / Fresh Sound New Talent 2021

“Esteem” / Martin Reiter’s The Flow / Sessionwork Records 2020

“Assembly of Shadows” / Remy Le Boeuf Big Band / Remy Le Boeuf 2019

“Big Family” / Matt Davis’ Aerial Photograph / Brian Matthew Davis 2019

“Light as a Word” / Remy Le Boeuf, Outside In Music 2019

“Rise” / ‘NUF SAID / Ropeadope Records 2016

“Luminocity” / Florian Hoefner Group / OA2 Records 2016

“Imaginist” / Le Boeuf Brothers + JACK Quartet, Panoramic Records 2016

“Falling Up” / Florian Hoefner Group, OA2 Records 2013

“Departure” / The Flow, Session Work Records, 2013

“Songs without words” / Florian Hoefner Group, OA2 Records 2012

“Origination” / The Flow, Session Work Records 2011

“Gloaming” / Peter Kronreif Wayfarers, Session Work Records 2010

“Grounded” / B. Stein: Gravity Point, “Next Generation” DoubleMoonRecords 2010

“Raw Glazed” / SK Invitational, Tontraeger Records 2010

“The Flow” / The Flow, PAO Records 2009

“Thoughts and Ideas” / Matthias Loescher Quartett, SessionWorkRecords 2009

“Winter Wonder Songs” / Karin Bachner Group, ATS Records 2009

“Balance” / Michi Kröss JAMBEDÄM, Kamino Records 2009

“SILENT” / Julia Fischer, Session Work Records 2008

“Nucleus” / Werner Zangerle 4, PAO Records 2008

“LIVE” / Christoph Pepe Auer Quartett, Session Work Records 2008

“SK INVITATIONAL” / SK Invitational, Jazzit Label 2007

“ALMA” / Martin Reiter, Material Records 2007, Hans-Koller “CD of the Year 2008”

“First Steps” / New Shoes Jazz Quartett, ATS Records 2007

“VOX” / Matthias Loescher Quartett, ATS Records 2007

“Nothing has changed” / Lobster, Lena Scheibner 2007

“Open Ended” / Philipp Nykrin Trio, Cracked Anegg Records 2007

“Ausgerechnet Bananen” / Das Ballastofforchester, 2007

“In Detention” / Present Tension, Jazzit Label 2006

“Frauen brauchen immer einen Hausfreund“ / Das Ballaststofforchester, 2006

“Session One” / The Jazzit Stage Orchestra, Jazzit Label 2005

“Ich fahr mit der meiner Klara in die Sahara” / Das BSO, ORF Salzburg 2005

“Wenn ich Liebe brauch, dann geh' ich zu Pauline” / Das BSO, ORF Salzburg 2003

“Entering the Living Room” / Present Tension, Floodstudio Label 2002

“Veronika, der Lenz ist da” / Das Ballaststofforchester, ORF Salzburg 2001

“Carmina Burana” / Orchester des musischen Gymnasiums Salzburg, 1996


Triple Blind

Remy Le Boeuf

Le Boeuf Brothers 

Florian Hoefner Group

Martin Reiter’s The Flow

Christos Rafalides’ Electra

SK Invitational

Immigration Booth

‘Nuf Said



As an official CANOPUS Endorser Peter Kronreif plays the R.F.M. Series (16"x18"BD, 12"x12" & 14"x14" Toms) and the Zelkova Snare Drum (6.5"x14")

Peter Kronreif is also an official endorser of Bosphorus Cymbals and PULL-IN.


Hans Koller Prize - Sideman of the Year 2009


If you talk about a sideman, who in a positive way is able to shapelessly blend in with a band, who can adjust to various different styles of music yet never fails to give the project a personal and special touch, these qualities all apply to Peter Kronreif. His capability to create tension, to help tracing long, musical arcs, to listen with ears that never fail to recognize any harmonic change and to always see the good band-sound and the overall musical result as his maxim have long made Kronreif one of the most wanted drummers in this country. Now he has founded his own group, which he writes music for and is responsible for as a bandleader. What else can you ask of a sideman but to expand his horizons by seeing the whole system from an different perspective.

Annual Scholarship for Music & Composition 2010 granted by the City of Salzburg

Jury Argumentation:

Peter Kronreif’s submission was impressive. The Salzburg native drummer presented a CD, which conveys his outstanding technical Qualities. Peter Kronreif is a drummer of high virtuosity und the capability of not only accompanying a band but, with his way of playing, shaping the music and the sound as well. Furthermore Peter Kronreif composed all the music on his album and proved himself to be a high level and creative inventor of music.

BMUKK Grant for further Education abroad 2010/11

SKE Advanced Education Scholarship 2011/12

Salzburger Kulturfonds Grant for further education in NYC 2011


RolandSpiegel,BayernKlassikOnline 5/13/2010 (Germany)

about the Debut Album “Gloaming” - “A CD that truly is a discovery. Here Kronreif proves to be not only a drummer of great refinement, but also as a very gifted composer of atmospherically grabbing jazz-tunes.” “A very subtle intensity lies in the drumming of Peter Kronreif: It it complex and multi-variant, never pushes itself to the fore, is constantly entwined closely with the playing of the other band members. Through this an enormous groove is established – which, however, has always something delicate and casual to it, never intrusive.” 

Concerto Magazine 4/2010 (Austria)

“Peter Kronreif is one of the quiet musicians, who prefer expressing themselves through their music rather than through an exuberant nature.”

“Sensitive compositions, in which he doesn't push himself to the fore, characterize the acoustic appearance and convey a feeling of a certain serenity.”

PotsdamerNeuesteNachrichten 4/2/2009 (Germany)

“Especially the […] drummer of the quartet, Peter Kronreif, whose love for jazz seems to break out of every pore. Head over heels he throws himself into his solos, for which he justly earns spontaneous bursts of applause.” 














Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, Peter Kronreif discovered his passion for the drum-set already in early childhood - “I went to the kitchen, chose cooking spoons, pots and pans, and enthusiastically accompanied the Mozart sonatas my big brother and my mother were playing on recorder and piano.” He picked up the drums at age nine and soon started playing in his father's wind orchestra. In high school Peter got into his first bands playing rock, funk and pop music. “We used to plug our ears and go crazy on Offspring and Greenday songs in the bomb-shelter under my dad’s school”. Inspired by his brother Chris' records (who is a professional saxophonist living in Austria) and his early teachers Christian Lettner and Franz Trattner, Peter started to get into jazz – transcribing Roy Haynes and Elvin Jones, forming jazz bands with schoolmates and playing weekly jazz sessions at a local bar in Salzburg - his first steps on what proved to be a long journey.

After graduating highschool Kronreif went to Graz (A) to study Jazz at the University of Arts with Alex Deutsch, he then transferred to the Anton Bruckner University in Linz (A) where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in 2007 with first-class honors, studying with Doug Hammond and later with Jeff Boudreaux. “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and study with these awesome drummers and great humans; and I would definitely not be where I am today without their inspiration and guidance.” 

From 2004 to 2010 Peter Kronreif lived in Vienna (A) and became a most-wanted sideman in Austria’s Jazz-scene. Working with, amongst others, Harry Sokal, Martin Reiter, Matthieu Michel, Alegre Correa, Bastian Stein, Ana Paola DaSilva, Peter O'Mara, Fabian Rucker, Pepe Auer and Phil Nykrin brought him on tour in over 20 nations – and in 2010 he was awarded the Hans-Koller-Prize as “Sideman of the Year 2009“. He too was granted the "Annual Scholarship for Music 2010" by the city of Salzburg as well as a studying grant from the Ministry of Arts & Culture.

Over these years in Vienna he started visiting New York City for a few months each year – wanting to hear his idols play, to get inspired by the scene and to be able to study with drummers like Greg Hutchinson, Jonathan Blake and John Riley. In 2010 Peter was granted an Artist Visa and moved to the Big Apple, to Brooklyn, where he currently lives and works most of the year. After two European tours with his own band WAYFARERS in 2010 and 2012 Kronreif became too busy as a sideman - working with numerous artists in the NYC music scene over a variety of genres while still being on the road a lot with artists like Florian Hoefner Quartet, Le Boeuf Brothers, Thana Alexa, Immigration Booth, Allan Harris and others put bandleader ambitions on hold for a few years. 

With the new release “aeronautics” Kronreif is ready to lift off with his own band project in 2021 yet again.








info (at) peterkronreif.com


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